Scandi Bootees for Rosie

It’s true to say that I am all about Scandi patterns and design at the moment. Two Christmases ago I decided to completely rehaul our Christmas theme. I had always gone with a very traditional theme of red and gold for years before but something in me needed a change so I collected together a load of gorgeous Scandi inspired fabric, dusted off the sewing machine and created some beautiful decorations. I supplemented these with shop bought delights in red & white, and bedecked the tree along with some traditional peppermint candy canes.

Since taking up crochet the Scandi theme has stuck with me and so I was delighted to come across this gorgeous Mamachee boots pattern by Tara Murray on Ravelry. I really do recommend her designs, they are very well written, totally gorgeous and easy to follow.

Bootie yarnI took the design and adapted the colours using Stylecraft Special DK in Lipstick and Robin Chunky in Moorland. I love the depth of the Moorland as it has beautiful flecks of natural colours running through the wool and I am a complete Special DK addict and own the majority of colours. In fact the Special DK is used in nearly all of my projects because it is a lovely yarn to work with and an inexpensive option for those on a budget.

BootiesI was very tempted to put pom poms on these booties but on reflection think my heart button is a better choice for a baby as pom poms do pose a bit of a risk if they start to undo and shed little pieces of yarn!

These bootees took one day to complete, that’s with a demanding 15 week old baby in the house so you can see they are a quick little project to undertake. The design includes different sizes for children and looks to be very adaptable. No doubt Bella will be wanting her own pair very soon.

I am busy lining up Tara’s designs on my Ravelry account and hope to share my finished results with you soon!


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