Oh the weather outside…

20140214-225532.jpg… is FRIGHTFUL! Of course it’s nothing as bad as the South West and Surrey to the North but by golly it is howling out there!

Bella, Rosie & me are visiting my parents at the moment down in West Sussex, taking advantage of my maternity leave to travel outwith the school holidays. The downside, of course, is that we have to leave my husband, Ad, back up in East Anglia!

The weather is really starting to get me worried now. All those people who have been flooded for so long and with no respite in sight as reports of yet another storm approaching. My grandparents live in one of the affected areas of Surrey and whilst so far they have not been hit by flooding, as each day of bad weather occurs their chances of escaping are ever decreasing. How will they cope? Both approaching 90, one suffering with Alzheimer’s and living in a bungalow. There is no chance of them moving their belongings upstairs to safety.

All I can say is I am immensely proud of how our communities have pulled together to help each other in this hard times. Long may that community spirit continue.


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