Review: Bloom & Wild

I was first introduced to Bloom & Wild via Twitter. Someone I follow posted a stunning picture of her bouquet and when I asked her about it she put me onto the company. Well, what can I say except this is an amazing idea!

My husband is many things, a wonderful husband, brilliant father, amazing cook and all round good egg. What he is not, however, is good with flowers. He is, as I like to term it, “florally challenged”. I love flowers, I really love flowers but what I do not love is how quickly they wilt and die if cut and I have an amazing ability to kill off any houseplant that finds itself within 50 yards of me.

So when I heard about a company that supplies long lasting blooms I thought “brilliant!”. More flower for your money. Then came the bestest best bit of all. They deliver them to your door and the fit through the letter box! 

Flower heaven.

© Bloom&


Now the flowers are not your usual cut bouquet you might find in your local supermarket, of course they are not because they are long lasting flowers. They are wild, different, striking and really make a statement in the room. I currently have a monthly subscription and am really looking forward to seeing what flowers arrive next month because they change each month to reflect seasonality.

Overall I give this company 5/5. Their communication is superb, they are a very welcoming and easy company to deal with and their product is wonderful.


What do you think?

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