I Don’t Breastfeed…

www.pinterest.comI don’t breastfeed to make you feel uncomfortable. I’m sorry if my feeding my child makes you feel uncomfortable/disgusted/even nauseous but I respectfully suggest that has more to do with how society has reclassified breasts as solely sexual. Breasts are for breastfeeding, who knew!

I don’t breastfeed to make a political point. I am merely feeding my child, yes I may be in public but I’m sure you’d complain more about the crying than the feeding. As it is the law protects my right to feed in public. No I will not pump, have you ever been attached to one of those things? Odds are you have seen me feed in public hundreds of times and not realised, occasionally, very occasionally you may see a tiny flash of breast but you see more on the beach in the summer and a whole lot more each time you open The Sun, Nuts, Loaded and other “lads” mags.

I don’t breastfeed to make formula feeders feel inferior. I think it is amazing that we live in a country that has a safe, nutritionally sound alternative available and as such babies are not going hungry. I do not look down on formula feeders, why would I?! Yes I am a breastfeeding advocate but advocate does not mean I judge those who chose a different feeding method to me. It’s none of my business how you wish to feed your child just as it’s none of yours about how I feed mine.

I don’t breastfeed to support a certain lifestyle. I am not a “breastfeeding Nazi” nor am I part of the “Breastapo”. I find those terms extremely offensive. Nor am I a lentil-weaving, yogurt-knitting hippy (although I do love my Birkies). I am a mother who is just trying to get from day to day without a major disaster.

I DO breastfeed because:

  • It works for us as a family
  • I have been lucky enough to have had support in order to overcome my hurdles in breastfeeding
  • I make enough milk, not all women can
  • I am ultimately lazy. Hats off to those who do night feeds with bottles, it’s far from the ‘easy option’
  • It is free. Have you seen the cost of infant milk these days? That stuff is expensive!
  • My babies like it. You cannot force a child to breastfeed, if they didn’t like it I wouldn’t be doing it.
  • It’s the best diet I’ve ever been on! Shallow? yes maybe but true.

What do you think?

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