School Holidays Made Better By Maternity Leave

For once I am enjoying the school holidays. For those who don’t know I am a teacher so holidays should be a perk of the job right? Well yes and no. Pre children they were lush, getting up late, able to work as when I wanted, could nip into school to get things done on the school system etc. That all changed with the arrival of Bella.

You see the simple fact is, teachers work in the holidays. There are very few who don’t and usually they work very long hours in term time to free up their holidays more. Bella is in term time only childcare, this makes it affordable for us as a family so is at home with me during the school holidays. Explaining to a pre-schooler that Mummy has to work is not easy, dragging same pre-schooler into a school not suited or designed for that age child is even worse so I end up working evenings just like term time. Quite simply the time I should have been enjoying with my daughter was plagued by the constant worry of my work pile building. What used to be a relaxing time became indistinguishable from my working week.

Then came maternity leave with Rosie. No more work worries = a happy Easter break for us all.

As I am returning to work before the Summer I am determined to enjoy every minute of this holiday as it will be last like this. Now we’re off for a walk in the forest…TTFN2014-03-30 13.05.07






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