Today I Bit the Bullet

Yup I did it. I got my legs waxed!

Not much you might think but for me it was a big undertaking. Not because of the pain or anything (but ouch it is painful!) but because it has taken months and months to get to the stage where I can have them done.

I suffer from eczema and it’s on my legs too, I scratch and scratch and SCRATCH! For years I have raked away at my legs making them sore and bloody. The eczema actually got better years ago, the scratching was habit now ingrained, I scratch without being aware I’m doing it.

So I finally had enough. I figured that shaving was doing me no favours by taking off the protective layer each time so I enlisted help, in the form of Bella, to remind me to not scratch each time.

And finally my legs were suitable to have waxed. Perfect timing as we’re off on holiday on Monday 🙂

What do you think?

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