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Review: Sudocrem Moisturising Mousse

Both me and Rosie have dry skin/eczema. I have the more severe of us two and have had it all my life. It is very visible as it covers my face, scalp and neck. Not a pretty sight when I have a flare up!

I have been in constant need of a moisturiser that not only works but is affordable, also one that will not leave me looking like a raw, shiny tomato. So far I use a mixture of creams and lotions, of which none are perfect. Rosie has dry skin patches on her arms, legs and back. Hers are, thankfully, non visible, as I know all to well the looks you can receive.CP-Logo--300x126

The lovely people at Sudocrem, who have over 80 years experience in skin care for delicate skin, sent me a new product to try out on both me and Rosie to see if it was up to the challenge!

I have given it a full 7 days to truly give an accurate description of how it has fared.

10178432_10153931187370167_54839387_nDay 1:

Received the parcel with the Sudocrem Mousse today. Initial impressions are that it fits very nicely with the Sudocrem brand, it retains the distinctive look that Sudocrem products have. I immediately read the ingredients as that is my first port of call on all moisturising products and am happy to see that there is no lanolin in the mousse. I react badly to lanolin which is found in many products marketed to help eczema sufferers. Those products remind me of a childhood blighted by painful, stinging when the creams were applied <shudder>.  I test a small patch behind my ear for 24 hours to check for no reaction <voice of bitter experience>

No lanolin yay!

No lanolin yay!


Day 2: No reaction to either me or Rosie so on with the trial. First thing I notice when applying this mousse is how light it is, it is really light! I am used to heavy creams that you almost have to trowel on! Rosie is enjoying the application which is a good sign and her skin feels lovely after putting it on. So far no real difference to my skin but we must be patient.


Day 3: I am loving the ease with which it is to put on, it’s clean and efficient with no lingering odour. There is a noticable difference to Rosie’s dry patches and my less eczema heavy patches on the face are looking tip top. The big plus is that it is so easy to pop into the change bag and use when out and about, there is very little residue on my hands after using so perfect for on the move.


Day 4: Starting to see an improvement on my worst affected areas now, still quite flaky but the redness is reduced and I’m looking less like a tomato. Rosie’s patches are much, much better.


Day 5: Had a flare up 😦 this happens when I’m run down/under the weather so not at all unusual with a baby and night wakings! Back to square 1 but no pain or soreness on application, gotta keep going.


Day 6: Considering I had a flare up yesterday things are looking good, the lightness of the mousse means I can apply it more regularly and not feel/look bogged down under cream. Definite plus.


Day 7: Mum notices a difference over Skype, must be working then!


Overall this is a nifty new product. Rosie has definitely benefited from it and I have noticed a difference too. It’s never going to banish my heavy duty eczema but the ease of use and lightness of the product means I am very happy to apply throughout the day which is helping reduce the redness and soreness levels. A plus by anyone’s standards. So for moderate to low level eczema/dryness I would recommend this product in a heartbeat. For severe to high level eczema/dryness this is a good tool in the arsenal against our battle with the flake!